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Need help starting a project in Guile - distributed DE / GUI toolkit usi

From: Jan
Subject: Need help starting a project in Guile - distributed DE / GUI toolkit using Wayland
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 02:32:53 +0100


I would like to make my project in Guile, but I'm not really an
advanced programmer yet - I made some hello worlds in C++, simple 2D
and 3D games in JS using WebGL and I've read basics of Guile from the
manual and Scheme generally from SICP (few chapters) and other sources,
made some really simple programs in Guile and packages for Guix.

The problem is I don't know where to start and which parts of the
language and features of GNU/Linux I have to understand well in order
to at least make a prototype.

The project idea is a distributed and extensible DE and GUI toolkit
treating its elements as objects (something like the UNIX philosophy).
I would like to use Wayland, or if possible wlroots, but there are no
Guile bindings available.

So for the project I need:
- a wayland client written in Guile, wlroots (foreign function
  interface?) I need to talk to the wayland server somehow
- a good interprocess communication - I want different components of my
  DE / GUI toolkit to be separated processes talking to each other
  (POSIX socets?)

Sorry for my vague understanding of the subject, I'm not studying CS.
I would like to know what should I read/know to make this real.
Where can I read about programming for an UNIX-like OS?
Can I avoid learning C/C++ deeply? I know basics of C syntax, but
I would like to do everything in Scheme, you know, it's much cooler :)

Thanks for reading this

Jan Wielkiewicz

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