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guile-gi v0.3.0 released

From: Mike Gran
Subject: guile-gi v0.3.0 released
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 19:56:55 -0700

On behalf of the Guile-GI team, I am pleased to announce the release
of Guile-GI v0.3.0.

This library hopes to make GTK3 and WebKit2 available to Guile.

guile-gi is a library that autogenerates GNU Guile bindings for
GObject libraries that provide typelib files.  GObject is a standard
way of writing C-language libraries with headers and introspection
information.  Typelib files are GObject's standard way to provide that
introspection information. Among the GObject libraries are GTK3 and
WebKitGTK2, two popular GUI libraries.

Guile-GI is of beta quality.  Its API is stabilizing, but is not

- Handle mutation operations of caller-allocated function arguments (#39)
  - Some procedures with preallocated in/out arguments will now bear the
    mutation sigil `!'
- Clean up output argument processing (#39)
  - This may re-order the output arguments of some procedures
- Use conventional installation directory for binary guile extensions (#72)
- Improve Guix build and install
- Stricter errors for callbacks and signals
- Don't prematurely catch errors thrown by callbacks in the callback handler
- New custom logger
- New hook procedures for inspecting FFI calls
- Better tests for callback, signals, arrays (#54, #57)
- Clean up debug info (#77)
- Updated docs (#76)
- Bug fixes

A tarball can be downloaded
  MD5 6af22f0dd827be575f80329e9511a73a  guile_gi-0.3.0.tar.gz

The repository and bug tracker can be found at

If you're uncomfortable using the github bug tracker, you can always
e-mail me directly.

To read about what this library is supposed to do, check out
Mike Gran

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