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Re: srfi-64 tests passing when they should not

From: Taylan Kammer
Subject: Re: srfi-64 tests passing when they should not
Date: Wed, 5 May 2021 08:39:12 +0200
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On 04.05.2021 10:31, Zelphir Kaltstahl wrote:
> The first 2 tests are surprisingly passing. This is also the reason, why I 
> used
> test-assert and manually wrote the (equal? ...) in the last test, to see,
> whether it makes any difference. Indeed it does.

The reference implementation of SRFI-64 (which is what Guile ships)
doesn't seem to be written very well.

I have an alternative implementation here, if you're interested:

I'm not sure if the newest Guile is able to run it out of the box
though.  You might have to create some .scm symlinks to the .sld files.

- Taylan

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