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The Spritely Institute publishes A Scheme Primer (the long-requested "Gu

From: Christine Lemmer-Webber
Subject: The Spritely Institute publishes A Scheme Primer (the long-requested "Guile tutorial"?)
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2022 14:55:36 -0400
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Hello all!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Spritely Institute has published A
Scheme Primer:


and yes since the source is a .org file, there's a .info export:

Since our core implementation of Spritely Goblins, and its associated
whitepapers, use Guile Scheme (and Racket), we really needed a way for
newcomers who *weren't* Schemers to understand the language.  That was
the first goal of this document, but it can really be read in two ways:

 - As a quick skim, it's a reasonable intro to "how to start programming
   with Scheme with no prior experience".  Hey, tutorials are useful!

 - But also, in less than 30 pages we manage to compress a TON of
   computer science ideas from SICP, Little Schemer, etc in a way that I
   think is really, really approachable.

But of course I'm biased.  I'd like to know what you think!

I've considered making a Guix package of the .info version.  What do
people think?  Would that be useful?

Happy scheming!
 - Christine

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