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Re: G-Golf - Help with ListView needed

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: G-Golf - Help with ListView needed
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2023 19:09:39 -0300

Hi Michele,

> Thank you so much, it works perfectly now!


I have to correct what I said, about how/when(or when not) one can
create a GObject (sub)class instance calling

        (make <the-class> #:prop-name prop-value ...)
        [ which internally calls g_object_new_with_properties ...

In this particular situation, the property exists since 4.10, but most
distributions still have 4.8.xx ... As soon as you have access to gtk
4.10 or later, you may revert your code to use the prefered scheme
idiomatic way

        (make <gtk-string-list> #:strings '("one" "two" "three" "four"))

Forget about what I wrote about the prop flags, 'Construct-only' ...
when the property exists, you may always (and should) use instance
creation mechanism:

        (make <a-class> #:prop-name prop-value ...)


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