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Re: G-Golf - Help with ListView needed

From: Michele Lindroos
Subject: Re: G-Golf - Help with ListView needed
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2023 20:55:02 +0200

Hi David,

> In this particular situation, the property exists since 4.10, but most
> distributions still have 4.8.xx ... As soon as you have access to gtk
> 4.10 or later, you may revert your code to use the prefered scheme
> idiomatic way

You are right, I'm linking against gtk-4 shipped by the distribution
I'm using. In this case, I'm on Ubuntu 22.04 which, at the time of
writing this email, ships gtk-4 version 4.6.6.

This leads me to a few follow-up questions:

1) I did build G-Golf using automake which should figure out all
versions of the libraries I'm linking against. Should an error have
been raised when I called the incompatible constructor? Or maybe a
print in the console log?

2) Assuming I want to write shippable code, is it possible to know
which gtk-4 version is being used and which constructor to call?

3) Is gtk-string-list unique in this regard, or are there also other
classes which need to be instantiated using the non-idiomatic way?

Thanks a lot for all the help!


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