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Re: GNU G-Golf 0.8.0-a.1 available for testing!

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: GNU G-Golf 0.8.0-a.1 available for testing!
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 01:18:40 -0300

Hello Aleix,

        I am sorry it took me so long to answer.

> ...
> I was able to add g-golf to Guile Homebrew. So it now runs on macOS
> ...

> The changes are:
> - We need the full path of glib, gobject, etc.

Certainly not, never ever :) - This is a distro thing, Upstream gnu
tool chained pkg(s) should never ever do that.

> - The patch fixes SITEDIR and SITECACHEDIR when
> --with-guile-site=no ...

Exactly the opposite, that is, their setting is correct, both in
g-golf, guile-lib and guile-cv fwiw

        when a user does not configure passing the --with-guile-site=yes
        then _nothing_, nor the pkg scm modules, nor the .go files, nor
        any lib should be installed in the 'guile installed dirs'

> - The patch places libg-golf in the Guile extensions
> directory $(libdir)/guile/$(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION)/extensions,
> which I believe is the right thing to do.

        you mean the libg-golf/ i guess

        [ and you probably don't mean 
        [ $(libdir)/guile/$(GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION)/extensions
        [ but GUILE_EXTENSION (provided by guile.m4

I agree with you that when a g-golf user calls configure passing the
--with-guile-site=yes, then libg-golf could be installed in


If not, then the current- g-golf setting is correct

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