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Re: [h-e-w] Want a hybrid of traditional Emacs and EmacsW32

From: Chris McMahan
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Want a hybrid of traditional Emacs and EmacsW32
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 15:38:56 -0400

I'm still using gnuserv/gnuclientw with emacs22.1 just fine!

As for Gnuclient/server, the ALTERNATE_EDITOR can be set in the
Control panel, systems, advance tab under environment variables. It
points to the file to run if emacs is not already running. In the case
of Windows, point it to the file runemacs.exe in your emacs bin

- Chris

Mark Ludwig writes:
>Lennart, et al.,
>I am a professional computer programmer, have been using Emacs for 
>longer than I care to admit, and had Emacs 19 or 20 working well on my 
>previous Windows Laptop (including the "Edit with Emacs" entry on the 
>Windows Explorer shortcut menu via a Registry entry I entered manually) 
>using Emacs client/server technology.  That setup worked, so there was a 
>single executing instance of Emacs that got started via "Edit with 
>Emacs" only if necessary.
>I can't seem to get Emacs 22 to sit up and perform the same way, and I 
>don't want all the command switching that I seem to be forced into if I 
>take EmacsW32.  I just want "Edit with Emacs" and file associations to 
>work again.  My Emacs 19/20 environment used gnuserv if I recall 
>correctly (the disk was dying after I got my user data off it).
>I can get emacsclient/emacsserver to work for "Edit with Emacs" once 
>Emacs is running, but can't get it to start the first time.  How do I do 
>this?  Can EmacsW32 be configured to leave the keyboard alone?  I know 
>it's confusing -- and even occasionally find myself scrolling forward 
>when I want to paste -- but I use Emacs on UNIX for work, too, so my 
>fingers mostly know the original key bindings.
>(The solution to starting Emacs the first time using 
>emacsclient/emacsserver on UNIX leverages the ALTERNATE_EDITOR 
>environmental variable, a concept that does not exist on Windows, as far 
>as I know.)
>Mark Ludwig
>"I didn't care where Hemingway drank 
> or Alice B. Toklas had her moustache trimmed."
> -- David Sedaris, touring Paris

Chris McMahan | address@hidden

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