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Re: .emacs configuration question (easy)

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Re: .emacs configuration question (easy)
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:09:09 +0200
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"Ryan Barnard" <> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm fairly new to using Emacs, but I see great potential for it.  I've got a
> simple question I was hoping somebody could help me with:
> I want to set up emacs to be a little IDE for some C++ work I wish to do.
> Here's the keypresses needed to make it look how I want it:
> C-x 2
> C-x ^
> C-x ^
> C-x ^
> C-x ^
> C-x ^
> C-x ^
> C-x ^
> C-x 3
> C-x o
> C-x o
> M-x shell
> C-x o
> What this basically does is make two editor windows on the upper-left and
> right, and a shell at the bottom where I can do my compiles and test runs.
> So, how can I have this set up in my .emacs file so it defaults to look like
> this (or something close to it?

Besides doing this programatically as Jonas suggested, you can do it
with a slightly different set of key commands: to do `C-x ^' and many
other commands repeatedly, you can call them with a prefix argument:

C-x 2
M-7 C-x ^    or     C-u 7 C-x ^
C-x 3
M-2 C-o
M-x shell
C-x o

I have a related question to the group:

Suppose I want to make the shell window "sticky". That is: it should
always at the same size and it should always show only a shell
buffer. And Emacs should not take this window into account, when it
resizes another window, or pops up some buffer etc.. Is this possible?
AFAIK the tool-bar is actually such a window, so I guess that at least
in the internals there are means provided for something like this. But
can I do it with a Lisp extension? I know that I can use `winner-mode'
to maintain my window-configuration, but this requires that I think
and thinking is cumbersome.

Another candidate for something like this would be the speed-bar. It
would be nice if I could have it in a "sticky" window instead of a
separate frame.

    -- Oliver

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