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emacs/bib-cite/auctex/flyspell interaction with C-c C-c

From: David Forrest
Subject: emacs/bib-cite/auctex/flyspell interaction with C-c C-c
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:30:55 -0400

this has frustrated me for a while and I haven't figured out just what
needs changing.

emacs 20.7.2
flyspell 20.3
bib-cite 3.04
auctex?/latex.el 11.11

If I have flyspell-mode on, and happen to be on a misspelled word, C-h-k
C-c C-c gives me:

   C-C C-c is undefined

which is different from the normal C-h-k C-c C-C:

   C-c C-c runs the command TeX-command-master

flyspell.el says the following, but I've a newer emacs than 19.xx.

;*    flyspell-correct-word/local-keymap ...                           */
(defun flyspell-correct-word/local-keymap (event)
  "emacs 19.xx seems to be buggous. Overlay keymap does not seems
to work correctly with local map. That is, if a key is not
defined for the overlay keymap, the current local map, is not
checked. The binding is resolved with the global map. The
consequence is that we can not use overlay map with flyspell."

Any suggestions?  Thanks for your time,
 Dave Forrest    (434)924-3954w(111B) (804)642-0662h (804)695-2026p   

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