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Re: [BBDB] Entry decay?

From: Jonas Steverud
Subject: Re: [BBDB] Entry decay?
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 10:18:29 +0200
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Robert Marshall <> writes:

> So bbdb-expire works with bbdb 'out of the box' rather than what I said!

I made a change to the way it works, i don't like the idea of adding a
"permanent" field to all entries, it is mor common to have permanent
entries then expirable ones in my BBDB so I wrote the following code,
which is tested once (and worked):

;; Beginning of code

;; Since I don't want to expire all kinds of records, only those I've
;; marked for expiry, I need to add this function to
;; bbdb-expire-preservation-functions. Only records that contains the
;; bbdb-expire field and it is set to "Yes" (observe case!) is allowed
;; to be deleted. In my BBDB there are more records which are
;; permanent then there are records that are expireable, so doing this
;; with the "permanent" field is more work then using this approch.

(defun js-bbdb-expire-not-marked-for-expire-p (RECORD)
  "If RECORD does contain the bbdb-expire field and it is set to ``Yes'',
it is considered to be expireable and the function returns nil,
otherwise it returns t. The logic is slightly inversed.
Best used in bbdb-expire-preservation-functions."
  (not (string-equal "Yes" (bbdb-record-getprop RECORD 'bbdb-expire)))

(add-hook 'bbdb-expire-preservation-functions


;; End of code

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