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question impossible

From: Raimund . Kohl
Subject: question impossible
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 10:19:55 +0000 (GMT)


I know I shouldn't have done it ... curiosity killed the cat ... but
somehow I'd been into playing with the options menu looking for a way to
tell emacs which coding to use by default instead of asking me always.
Well, I didn't find it, but that's not the problem. I saved "something" -
I believe it was something dealing with "latin-1" (as you can see I am not
a techi!) I now have to face a strange behaviour: If I want to open a file
via the bookmarks command (C-x r b) emacs answers

"Invalid read syntax: ". in wrong context"

What's that saying and how can I change that? I searched my .emacs file
about it and found, that it didn't hold any text - instead a whole bunch
of cryptic whatsoever. So I exchanged it by a previous .emacs I had saved
- but the behaviour of emacs doesn't change. So I think I must look for
that problem elsewhere.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you, ray

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