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Emacs resources

From: arthur.chereau
Subject: Emacs resources
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 15:32:32 +0200


I'm trying to setup my .Xdefaults for emacs 21.2, but there're some resources I 
find anywhere:

- How can I change the color of the main highlighted string when one C-s ?

- How can I change the background color of the toolbar ?

- How can I change the background color of the Help menu that pops up when one 
on the help icon in the toolbar ?

- How can I change the font used for filenames in lesstif file selection boxes ?

For now, my .Xdefaults contains:

#define SMALL   -*-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-130-*-*-c-*-iso8859-15
#define MEDIUM  -*-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-140-*-*-c-*-iso8859-15
#define VERDANA -*-verdana-medium-r-normal-*-*-90-*-*-p-*-iso8859-15
#define GRAY    Gray87

*font:                                  MEDIUM
Emacs.background:                       GRAY
Emacs.pane.menubar.*.background:        GRAY
Emacs.dialog*.background:               GRAY
Emacs.fsb_popup.*.background:           GRAY
Emacs.font:                             SMALL
Emacs.*.fontList:                       VERDANA

Emacs*background:                       GRAY
doesn't set all the background colors to gray87, I don't understand why.

By the way, when I startx and then run emacs, it complains
No fonts match `MEDIUM'
I need to xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults to get it work. Why aren't the defines taken 
account when I startx ?


Faites un voeu et puis Voila !

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