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Re: Lambda calculus and it relation to LISP

From: Fred Gilham
Subject: Re: Lambda calculus and it relation to LISP
Date: 05 Oct 2002 07:46:59 -0700

> "The lambda calculus is a mathematical formalism having to do with
> the way functions instantiate their arguments. To some extent it is
> the theoretical basis for Lisp and plenty of other computer
> languages."
> I am interested in a little concrete elaboration of this statement
> by any mathematicians, logicians or practitioners/users of lisp and
> lisp in emacs.

>From a Lisp point of view you should read the early Scheme material.
There is a page I just found that has a lot of good stuff on it that
will help.

My impression is that the ideas are all fairly old (in modern terms)
and if you are interested in the ideas themselves you'll do better to
read the older material.

> This is an interdisciplinary topic and cross-posted.

Interdisciplinary is fine but...

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