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Re: Lambda calculus and it relation to LISP

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: Lambda calculus and it relation to LISP
Date: 5 Oct 2002 09:15:08 -0700 (gnuist) wrote in message 
> I read the following quote in a book on emacs and similar
> things in a book on lisp.

I see you dedicated more than half of your article to expressing your
anticipation of a rebuke for your sociopathic behavior from me. Well,
here it is.

> This is an interdisciplinary topic and cross-posted.
> Please beware of this and be undaunted in intellectual 
> work just in case some rude individual jumps in and threatens
> the discussion on this thread. This comment is in view
> of a sad incident by a similar character on a valid 
> interdisciplinary thread on comp.lang.lisp and
> Previously this individual had also posted unbecoming
> comments to Professor Fateman of UC Berkeley who is
> actually a very nice and helpful individual in my experience
> about two years ago from a phone conversation with me.

You are actually quite eloquent; that is to say, remarkably so for yet
another a piece of trolling excrement hiding behind a throwaway e-mail
address (which probably doesn't even exist). Presumably, you are
intelligent enough to realize that if one types ``lambda calculus''
into a search engine such as Google, it will come up with quote a
number of useful hits. The last time I performed this very search, I
recall finding a page with a very good and quite detailed introduction
to lambda calculus which could serve as a tutorial, and which quite
clearly established the relationship between lambda calculus and the
origins of functional programming. Though such information is no
substitute for debate, absorbing it constitutes the minimum required
effort for genuine participation in a debate---but of course, that is
the last thing that you want.

> I think that it would be exciting and intellectually 
> satisfying to know an answer to this question for many
> of us in the math/logic/lisp/emacs community.

And for those of you in the trolling community, it is undoubtedly
exciting and emotionally satisfying to obtain *any* kind of response.
Well, there it is, so enjoy your temporary high.

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