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Re: displaying the EUR-Sign in normal buffers

From: Piet van Oostrum
Subject: Re: displaying the EUR-Sign in normal buffers
Date: 07 Oct 2002 22:33:28 +0200
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>>>>> Klaus Berndl <> (KB) writes:

KB> :-) Ok, i will try to be more precise: If a posting contains the EUR sign
KB> (€) then it is displayed automatically (means i have nothing to configure
KB> in Gnus for this) correctly in the summary-buffer as well as in the
KB> message- or article buffer.

This is because in the header the charset is given as iso-8859-15 and
(probably) the correct code for € is used.

KB> If for example i insert an EUR sign (€) in Microsoft Word, copy it to the
KB> clipboard and try to insert it into a normal Emacs-buffer (e.g. *scratch*)
KB> then i get only \200.

KB> Ok, after this my *current-language-environment* has value "Latin-9" which
KB> seems to be correct but nevertheless i have no success with inserting an
KB> EUR sign (€), neither by pasting from the clipboard (still getting \200)
KB> nor by hitting the key-combination (German keyboard: Alt Gr + e) which
KB> inserts € into a Word-document for example (in Emacs no reaction means
KB> nothing is inserted).

\200 is not a valid code in Latin-9 (iso-8859-15), but it is the code for
€ in Windows. So you either have to use the Windows character encoding (I
think it is character set 1252) or use the proper code for Latin-9 (0xA4).
Piet van Oostrum <>
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