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Re: displaying the EUR-Sign in normal buffers

From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: displaying the EUR-Sign in normal buffers
Date: 07 Oct 2002 18:40:16 -0400
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>>>>> "ken" == ken  <> writes:
> The octal for (the extended ASCII of) the Euro sign is 244.

Sadly, this is meaningless because the octal code depends on the
encoding used.  In cp1252 it's 128, in latin-9 is something else,
in utf-8 it's yet something else, ...

> So to get  it in emacs, do C-q 244 RETURN (or SPACE or whatever).
> This works for  me.  I'm using 8859-1 encoding.

No, you're not using 8859-1 encoding because that encoding does not have
any Euro sign at all.

I feel like I'm sounding very harsh, tho.  Maybe I've had a bad day,
I don't know.  I apologize in advance.


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