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Re: Using control keys in bash shell within emacs

From: Knut Forkalsrud
Subject: Re: Using control keys in bash shell within emacs
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 04:46:09 GMT
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Chris <> writes:

> > Is there any way to
> > have (e.g.) C-p, scroll through the history, instead of the default
> > emacs behaviour of moving to the previous line in a buffer.  I tried:
> You could just use the normal Emacs history scrolling: M-p and M-n. I think 
> CTRL-up and CTRL-down work as well...

Maybe you want term-mode (M-x term) where most of your keys work as
usual and the Emacs keybindings are changed to be prefixed with C-c.
Cortrol c in the terminal is C-c C-c in Emacs' term-mode.


Hard work often pays off after time.  But laziness always pays off now.

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