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Disabling all keybindings - How?

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Disabling all keybindings - How?
Date: 11 Oct 2002 09:42:35 +0200
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I want to write a very small major-mode with only very few senseful
keybindings (e.g.: v, h, c, q, s). I want to disable all other keybindings of
Emacs because they make really no sense (A new frame is started with a new
buffer in this major-mode, some actions have to be performed by the user
(e.g.: hitting v or h), stuff is saved by hitting s and then we quit by
hitting q (which deletes the new frame) - That's all.

OK, now my question: How to disable all Emacs-keybindings for my new
major-mode? Is this possible with one command?

many thanks in advance,

Klaus Berndl                    mailto:
sd&m AG               
software design & management    
Thomas-Dehler-Str. 27, 81737 M√ľnchen, Germany
Tel +49 89 63812-392, Fax -220

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