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Re: RCS revert to previous version

From: Chris
Subject: Re: RCS revert to previous version
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 01:44:09 -0000
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on 11 Oct 2002, Jhair Tocancipa Triana <> spake 

> Chris  writes:
>   > Right... but my question is how to make that the current
>   > version... do I have to delete the entirety of my current working
>   > file and copy and paste from the older version window? I can't
>   > just check the older version in and have it become the latest. I
>   > was hoping there was a more efficient way than copy and paste...
> Is this, what you need?
> ,----[ C-h k C-x v u ]
>| C-x v u runs the command vc-revert-buffer
>|    which is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in `vc'.
>| [Arg list not available until function definition is loaded.]
>| Revert the current buffer's file back to the version it was based on.
>| This asks for confirmation if the buffer contents are not identical
>| to that version.  This function does not automatically pick up newer
>| changes found in the master file; use C-u C-x v v to do so.

Well, this command reverts the current buffer back to the state when it 
was last checked out. Which can be handy, but is not what I am looking 
for. Let me take another stab at explaining. I have a document that has 
gone through these changes (numbers are version numbers):

Bob went to school

Mary went home

John went to the market

Chris discovers emacs (and then fire)

I open the document (1.8) and discover that I need to go back to version 
1.6. How best to do this? I can open 1.6 up using the show-other-version 
command, but then I have to select everything in the old display document 
and paste it "over" the new document. It just seemed to me there must be 
a better way of going back more than one revision.

Maybe I am just missing something really stupid... or maybe this is just 
not needed very often. But the ability to revert back more than one 
version seems very useful to me.

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