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Re: RCS revert to previous version

From: Chris
Subject: Re: RCS revert to previous version
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 02:37:57 -0000
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on 12 Oct 2002, "Stefan Monnier <>"
<> spake thusly: 

>>>>>> "Chris" == Chris  <> writes:
>> If I am working on, say 1.7 of a document using RCS, what is the
>> easiest way to revert to a specific version, say 1.4 as an example?
> What do you mean by "revert" ?
> In your example, when you say you want to revert to 1.6, which
> of the following options do you mean:
> - you simply want the content of the file to be the same as the
>   one in version 1.6 (and it will be committed as 1.9 if you ever
>   commit it, at which point 1.6 and 1.9 would be the same)
> - you really want to get back to the time when 1.6 was the latest
>   and simply discard 1.7 and 1.8 (i.e. after reverting to 1.6,
>   modifying the file and committing it, it'd be committed as 1.7).
> - you want to go back to the time of 1.6 but without discarding
>   1.7 and 1.8, such that after modifying the file, it will be
>   committed as (i.e. first version on a new branch named
>   1.6.1). 
> - yet something else.

I want to "revert" as in "go back" to a previous version. Discarding all 
changes in between. I don't care what the new revision number is when I 
check the document back in. I care about the content. Most of your other 
scenarios don't match any meaning of the word "revert" that I am aware of, 
but hopefully this makes it clearer. I want to be able to say "oops, this 
is all wrong, let's go back three versions and begin again."

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