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Re: S-up and emacs -nw?

From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: S-up and emacs -nw?
Date: 13 Oct 2002 17:09:41 -0400
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>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Casadonte <> writes:
> How do I get emacs -nw to recognize a Shift up?  I realize this is
> probably more of a termcap question than an emacs one, but I can
> barely spell termcap.....

Hit `up' and `S-up' and then `C-h l' which will show you the raw
event sequence that Emacs has seen recently.  If the events sent
for `up' and `S-up' are the same, then Emacs can't help you and
you'll first have to teach your terminal to send different sequences
for those two different cases.
If the sequences are different, then you'll want to add something like

  (define-key function-key-map [?\e ?O ?2 ?A] 'S-up)

which translates `ESC O 2 A' into `S-up'.


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