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Re: S-up and emacs -nw?

From: Joe Casadonte
Subject: Re: S-up and emacs -nw?
Date: 19 Oct 2002 09:05:35 -0400
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On 14 Oct 2002, Stefan Monnier wrote:

> Termcap/terminfo is used to describe to Emacs (and other
> applications) how the terminal behaves.  In your case, you don't
> want to describe its behavior but you want to change it instead.
> How to do this changes from one terminal to the next.  I know how to
> do it with xterm.
> I think `loadkeys' is on the right track as far as the GNU/Linux
> console goes.  As for cygwin's terminal, I have no idea.

I think I need more help than I'll find in an Emacs group for this
one, but I honestly don't know where to look for the answers.  I'm
gonna ask some dumb questions instead; pointers as to where to look
are appreciated.

1) I ultimately want to run this on a laptop running Debian, with no X
   support (I only have 24 meg of memory and 100 meg of hard drive
   space left).  Is there a better terminal type than 'linux' to use?
   Can I just arbitrarily reset the terminal type?

2) What's the relationship between terminal type, loadkey/keymap,
   and termcap/terminfo?  Does changing the terminal type change the
   underlying keymap, or just how the keymap is interpreted?  Can I
   change the keymap and expect whatever program is running to
   suddenly be able to generate those sequences?  I would think not,
   since I can't seem to figure out how to generate C-f11 for example.

3) Emacs under Debian uses terminfo -- can I make it use termcap
   instead?  Do I want to?  Termcap seems to have more terminal types
   defined, at least on my system.

4) I'm used to using NTEmacs, and my keybindings are very influenced
   by the fact that S-f4 produces S-f4 and not f16, and C-f9 produces
   C-f9 and not nothing.  Do I have a reasonable chance in hell of
   getting the linux console to generate the same keystrokes?  I have
   a LOT of functions bound to the combinations of C- M- and S- with
   the function keys 1-12 (i.e. standard PC keyboard).  It would
   really suck to lose all of that.

I guess I've got to start looking into ways to get Win95 back on the
laptop.  Oh my, I can't believe I just typed that.....


Joe Casadonte

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