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Re: replace tab stops with spaces

From: Edric M Ellis
Subject: Re: replace tab stops with spaces
Date: 14 Oct 2002 10:35:34 +0100
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Roland Reichenberg wrote:
> in our small development team nearly everybody uses a different
> editor to work on our sources. And not every editor is configured to
> use blank spaces instead of tab stops. So our sources contain both
> real tab stops and blank spaces.

I assume telling them to use a better editor is out of the question ;)

> This bothers me while editing buffers. Is there an easy-to-use
> command which converts all tab stops into 4 blank spaces?

C-x h M-x untabify RET?

NB that "untabify" uses the current value of tab-width, but you could
hard-wire it, and do the whole buffer at once like this:

(defun untabify-whole-buffer-4 nil
  (let ((tab-width 4))  
    (untabify (point-min) (point-max))))



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