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Re: Problem with ange-ftp "500 AUTH command not supported"

From: ken
Subject: Re: Problem with ange-ftp "500 AUTH command not supported"
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 06:24:39 -0400 (EDT)

If you look again at the messages returned by emacs, you'll see that you
are indeed logged in, despite the fact that you are getting the
"AUTH..." warning messages.  In fact, emacs does give you an "ftp>"  
prompt and if you put the cursor (the point) after this prompt and type
"pwd", emacs should give you the current directory on the remote
machine.  If you run ftp from a shell prompt to the same machine, you'll
probably get the same behavior.  Do you?


AMD crashes?  See

Spake Mark Landreville at 01:06 (UTC-0700) on Mon, 14 Oct 2002:

= Hello Ken,
= Now I see the posting earlier this month.  Unfortunately it doesn't come 
=   up with a solution.  The only consolation is that somebody else out 
= there appears to have the very same unsolved problem.
= Thanks,
= Mark
= ken wrote:
= > Check the archives of this list from ealier this month or last.  This 
= > exact same question was very recently addressed.
= > 
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