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Re: Switching between buffers in split windows

From: Tom Capey
Subject: Re: Switching between buffers in split windows
Date: 17 Oct 2002 14:31:02 +0100
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* Felix E. Klee <> writes:

> Often, I split an EMACS window horizontally into two windows to edit two 
> different portions of the same buffer *A*. Sometimes, I need to temporarily 
> switch to another buffer *B* via "C-x b" in one of the windows. This works 
> fine and quick. However, hitting "C-x b" again doesn't return me to where I 
> came from, but instead displays another buffer *C* because *A* is already 
> displayed. Of course, this is how it's supposed to work, but I want to 
> change that behavior:

> How do I make "C-x b" redisplay the portion of *A* that I was editing 
> previously?

  you could try saving the window configuration before you go off
  to look at the other buffer `window-configuration-to-register'

(where-is 'window-configuration-to-register)

-| window-configuration-to-register is on C-x r w

(describe-function 'window-configuration-to-register)

-| window-configuration-to-register is an interactive compiled
-| Lisp function in `register'.
-| (window-configuration-to-register REGISTER &optional ARG)
-| Store the window configuration of the selected frame in
-| register REGISTER.  Use C-x r j to restore the configuration.
-| Argument is a character, naming the register.

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