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Re: Switching between buffers in split windows

From: Mac
Subject: Re: Switching between buffers in split windows
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 10:58:55 GMT
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En dag, närmare bestämt 2002-10-17, plitade Felix E. Klee ner:

> Often, I split an EMACS window horizontally into two windows to edit
> two different portions of the same buffer *A*. Sometimes, I need to
> temporarily switch to another buffer *B* via "C-x b" in one of the
> windows. This works fine and quick. However, hitting "C-x b" again
> doesn't return me to where I came from, but instead displays another
> buffer *C* because *A* is already displayed. 

Not answering your question, but...

I use 'iswitchb-buffer-other-frame' (or
'switch-to-buffer-other-frame') to show the temporary file. Now
killing this frame does not affect the first two buffers.

> How do I make "C-x b" redisplay the portion of *A* that I was
> editing previously?

Here I have a *litle* help with finding the right buffer with
'iswitchb-buffer', which reduces the number of keys I have to press.


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