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Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X

From: Piet van Oostrum
Subject: Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X
Date: 27 Oct 2002 17:14:09 +0100
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>>>>> Hugo Wolf <> (HW) writes:

>> (and (eq system-type 'macos) (display-graphic-p))

HW> There's no logical difference I can see between this and (eq
HW> window-system 'mac) -- i.e., no circumstance I can imagine in which
HW> one would be true and the other false.  Can you think of one?  But if
HW> the emacs developer community is getting away from the use of
HW> window-system, that's reason enough to switch.

>> (I assume that system-type's value is `macos' on Aqua, but I cannot
>> verify if that's indeed so.)

HW> In osx it's actually 'darwin.  Darwin is the bsd core that underlies
HW> osx.  I don't know what it is in old, pre-unix MacOS.

Theoretically it could also be 'darwin on a non-macos system.
Piet van Oostrum <>
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