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Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X

From: Hugo Wolf
Subject: Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 19:53:13 GMT
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In article <xcvpttvzodk.fsf@apocalypse.OCF.Berkeley.EDU>, Thomas
F. Burdick wrote: 
> This doesn't let me differentiate between Carbon-Emacs on OS X, and
> X11-Emacs on the same OS.  system-type is darwin on both, and
> display-graphic-p is t on both.  

Yow!  You're right.  So I _still_ need to use window-system,
deprecated or not.  The non-deprecated solution is indeed semantically
different, just as you say, and it doesn't do what I want.

> However, it makes a lot of sense (to
> me) that someone might want to make the Carbon one behave more like a
> Carbon application, and the X11 one behave like an X11 application.

Absolutely.  This is exactly the behavior I want and the behavior I
was getting by checking window-system.

> If window-system goes away, I'd have to resort to something truly evil
> to determine which system I'm on.


> Out of curiosity, why is it depricated?  Because people abuse it where
> specific feature tests would be better?  If so, that seems like a bad
> reason ... people can abuse anything, but AFAIK, window-system is the
> only way to determine what window system you're on.  

I've been trying to make this argument for awhile now, so far without
luck.  Maybe you'll do better....

> [ It would be cool to be able to have something like a window-system-p
>   function, so I could ask (window-system-p 'carbon) or
>   (window-system-p 'x11) or (window-system-p 'gtk).  Especially
>   because you could then be more specific, because a theoretical
>   GTK-Emacs could run under X11 or a framebuffer or... ]

Sounds good to me.  In any case I'm glad at least one other person
out there understands that it's useful to conditionalize emacs l&f
based on the windowing system under which it's running.

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