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Re: emacs 21.2 compile problems on Solaris 8

From: Carl B. Constantine
Subject: Re: emacs 21.2 compile problems on Solaris 8
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 10:40:14 -0800
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* Johan Bockgård ( wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> > I'm trying to compile Emacs 21.1 for Solaris 8, both Intel versions and
> > Sparc versions.
> >
> > On the Sparc, I'm using gcc 2.95.3. On the x86, I'm using gcc 3.1.1.
> >
> > In both cases I get this same error:

[error snipped]

> This question was asked and answered here just a few days ago, "emacs on
> solaris 9", Oct 26.
> I had the same problem and the proposed fix worked for me.

Thank you muchly. This worked for me also. I really hope this is fixed
in the next version so we don't have to patch.

Thanks for the pointer, I greatly appreciated it.

Carl B. Constantine         University of Victoria
Programmer Analyst
UNIX System Administrator   Victoria, BC, Canada        ELW A220, 721-8753

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