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Re: Newbie regexp question

From: kgold
Subject: Re: Newbie regexp question
Date: 31 Oct 2002 14:45:36 GMT

Assuming a newbie doesn't want to start writing elisp ...

I do all sorts of repetitive editing like this using a keyboard macro.
Since they use commands you already know (search, cursor movement,
mark, kill), they're easy to create.  And since they execute as
they're being defined, there's less chance for error and debugging
than elisp.

In this case, the macro would be:

isearch-forward-regexp <!--Test-->
isearch-forward-regexp <!--End of Test-->

Paul Cohen <> writes:
> I want to do a Emacs regexp search and replace on a HTML file containing
> patterns like this:
> <!--Test-->
> ...
> <!--End of Test-->
> Where "..." denotes a variable number of lines of HTML text.
> I want to search for all occurrences of the above pattern and then
> remove them from the HTML file!
> I've tried a number of variants without any success. For example the
> following regexp doesn't work:
> <!--Test-->\(.*\n\)*<!--End of Test-->

Ken Goldman   914-784-7646

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