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Re: Tab within comments in C/C++ mode

From: kgold
Subject: Re: Tab within comments in C/C++ mode
Date: 31 Oct 2002 15:01:43 GMT

1 - I use this:

        (global-set-key [C-tab]   'tab-to-tab-stop)

and use C-tab when I want a real tab anywhere

2 - In the mode hook:

      (setq c-tab-always-indent nil)

So tab does the formatting when before text and does a tab within

"Chris Hobbs" <> writes:
> I am looking for a way to allow the tab key while inside comments in C and
> C++ mode. Currently, the mode will not allow a tab (let alone multiple
> tabs) to be placed while in a comment. It seems to insist on formatting
> the contents of the comment. Not really formatting per se, mainly just
> disallowing any format I want to put in there.

Ken Goldman   914-784-7646

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