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Re: Is is a major or minor mode?

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: Re: Is is a major or minor mode?
Date: 3 Nov 2002 22:17:09 -0600
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On 04 Nov 2002, wrote:
> Galen Boyer <> writes:
>> > Is it being actively developed? 
>> I don't think so.  It is part of the base Emacs distribution.  Its
>> actually quite simple/elegant in its design.  It gives one all the
>> nice shell functionality for a sql command-line.  Being able to hop
>> between
> I think the mode you are proposing sounds very useful. I would
> recommend contacting Alex Schroeder, the author of sql.el. He is
> maintaining the code and does release occasional updates. 

Alex is aware of what I'm trying to do, at least somewhat.  sql.el is
simple enough that I don't think I would have much of an issue just
stealing liberally, but I'd rather "hook" into already written Emacs
code.  I really like how he piggybacked on the comint mode.  It is very
simplistic (ie powerful) in its implementation.

I'm actually having alot of success with defadvice.  I'm just advising
the sql-interactive-mode and sql-mode on how to hook into my code and
the java metadata and connection objects are getting spawned.  I'm still
playing around in the new world of eieio though.  I'd like to subscribe
to this package as well, but I keep just going back to straight defuns.
eieio would probably pay off if this mode were to grow.

I'm not too far from getting this thing on sourceforge for an initial
submission.  But, keep my use of the term "too far" in perspective.  I
have two small children.  :-)

Galen deForest Boyer
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.

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