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Re: MS Word mode?

From: Julien Avarre
Subject: Re: MS Word mode?
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 07:11:21 +0100
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Tiarnan <> on 11/07/02 has said :


> does anyone know is there is an emacs mode to read MS word documents
> (sent by colleagues), as ASCII. I'm thinking of something along the
> lines of antiword, which produces text from MS Word (and even keeps
> tables and so on).

A friend of mine does :

                       C-u M-! strings toto.doc

That's a bit ugly ;-), but that's work when the word document is cheap...

The source of MS Word's format is hidden. That's mean that
programs who intend to read it were made from reverse engineering.
That explains the lack of good UNIX viewer.

IMO,  Emacs' programmers are very implicated within Free Software and
use free softwares. So I think, most of all don't feel concern by
reading Word Doc at all.

Julien ``Eole'' Avarre

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