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Keybinding std WAS: replace C-s with C-f

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Keybinding std WAS: replace C-s with C-f
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 19:18:41 GMT
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John Russell wrote:
    Here is a sniplet from my init file.  It's commented out, because
    I've wholly given up on making Emacs work how I wish.  It's
    obviously much smarter than me.  I'd advise you to do the same.  ;) ...
a matter of preference, but in my experience of trying to to reset standard emacs keys, I always find myself stepping on other cool keybindings which I have to remap to other keybidings which step on other cool keybindings .........

I know that emacs is way smarter than I am. I've decided that someone put the keybindings there because they just work. Just a thought.

Well, These keybindings are options for people who complain that (X)Emacs
is hard to learn, or doesn't work like editors.

About the only thing missing, at this point, is that the keybindings don't show
up in the menu, to the right of the commands, ex:
        Search...                       C-f

I'm happy with the native bindings, but I am leaving the following turned on
for some time, until I am comfortable that it works. These are all Customize
options. However, I agree that it is best to migrate to native bindings.
I would expect that viper users would do the same.

Finally, there is a rumor, that KDE & Gnome may soon come to an agreement
on keybinding standards. I feel that Emacs & XEmacs should step up to the
plate, and try to conform to any reasonable standard.

  (cond                                 ;email current buffer
   ((fboundp 'metamail-buffer)
    (global-set-key [(control e)] 'metamail-buffer))
   ((fboundp 'w3-mail-current-document)
    (global-set-key [(control e)] 'w3-mail-current-document)))

  (global-set-key [(control p)] 'print-buffer)
  (global-set-key [(control s)] 'save-buffer)
  (global-set-key [(control q)] 'save-buffers-kill-emacs)
  (global-set-key [(control w)] 'kill-buffer)

;;C-u duplicates selection, without affecting clipboard. Can this be done in
;;C-i inverts selection: all selected items become unselected, and vice versa

  (global-set-key [(control a)] 'mark-whole-buffer)
  (global-set-key [(control f)] 'isearch-forward)
  (define-key isearch-mode-map [(control f)] 'isearch-repeat-forward)

;;Control G as 'find next match' useful enough to conflict?
;;(global-set-key [(control h)] 'query-replace)  ;conflicts with help

  (global-set-key [(control v)] 'yank)

;;Any way to build an Emacs macro for redo?
;;This replaces zap-to-char()
  (when (fboundp 'redo)
    (global-set-key [(meta z)] 'redo)) ;exists for XEmacs, only

  (global-set-key [(control r)] 'recenter) ;"refresh view"

;;(global-set-key [(control d)] 'bookmark-set) ;conflicts with delete-forward
;;(global-set-key [(control b)] 'edit-bookmarks)

  (global-set-key [(control b)] 'bold-region)
;;  (global-set-key [(control u)] 'facemenu-set-underline)
;;We need an alternative to universal-argument() to allow the previous line

  (global-set-key [(meta \040)] 'tmm-menubar) ;M-space is symbiotic?

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