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Re: comment-kill and the state of the world

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: comment-kill and the state of the world
Date: 17 Oct 2003 09:37:28 -0700
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Ian> Why in the world does comment-kill reindent the affected line?

Stefan> No idea.  You're the first person I know who uses this command.

Ah, but you get the same thing with comment-dwim with an argument on a
line with an existing comment.  Is that any better?

Ian> Look at newcomment.el, one gets the general feeling of unfinished
Ian> business :-)

Stefan> Thanks for the support.  But please make it more specific, so I
Stefan> get a chance of fixing or at least defending my code.

It comes down to comment-dwim.  It really tries to do too much.  The
different situations should be separated, and then common patterns will
emerge to make into subroutines.

Right now, comment-dwim calls comment-indent if not a blank line, but
inserts a comment itself on a blank one.  The two braches are quite
different, use different customization variables, etc.  

And, let me repeat myself, the reindent in comment-kill is a bug.

Wer Schoenheit angeschaut mit Augen, hat dem Tode schon Anheim gegeben.
Von Platen.

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