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Re: comment-kill and the state of the world

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: comment-kill and the state of the world
Date: 30 Oct 2003 15:59:52 -0800
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Ian> I'd tried that.  comment-indent then leaves point in the wrong
Ian> place (right before the second hyphen).

Stefan> But that's the case as well if you call `comment-indent' with a
Stefan> pre-existing comment, right?  So it's an unrelated bug which
Stefan> comment-padding-foo would not fix (one I remember fixing a while
Stefan> back, but probably only in Emacs-CVS).  What was happening is
Stefan> that comment-indent skips the comment starter and the leading
Stefan> spaces to get to the actual content of the comment, but with an
Stefan> empty comment, that tends to leave you right before the
Stefan> commend-end which is not what you want when there's padding.

Ian> Even if the two branches can be made to behave the same now, the
Ian> more they change the harder it will be to achieve that.

Stefan> Feel free to write the patch for it.  It already took
Stefan> significant effort to get things as they are, such that it all
Stefan> works the way all the major modes expect it, including using
Stefan> various combinations of comment-start, comment-end,
Stefan> block-comment-start, block-comment-end, comment-multi-line,
Stefan> various ways to call auto-fill, ...

Stefan> And don't forget to come up with a good argument to convince RMS
Stefan> that it's worth it to change the behavior of comment-indent (he
Stefan> happens to like code duplication, as odd as it sounds to most of
Stefan> us).

Stefan> A new pair of eyes will surely help to simplify the code, tho.

OK, looks like there's hope :-)

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An anonymous teacher

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