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More Tramp/OSX fun

From: Edward Dodge
Subject: More Tramp/OSX fun
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 11:06:34 -0600
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Special thanks to Mr. Calhoun for mentioning some code in his problem
that got me going quickly with tramp:

        (require 'tramp)
        (setq tramp-default-method "ftp")

Everything works fine with the initial command:

        C-x C-f /

I get a password prompt,  type it in,  and I should be editing
index.htm.  But then something else happens,  I continue to get more
password prompts for "#!user."  If I enter the correct password for
"user,"  I get a failed attempt to log in.  If I just hit enter,  I
get a failed attempt to log in.  Inexplicably,  if I try one more
time,  Tramp complies.  It's the same way with dired/tramp.

Any ideas?  Should tramp be asking for the password more than once in
the same ftp session?  Why would it add "#!" to the user-name?

Edward Dodge

/OSX 10.1.5/
/GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin5.5) of 2002-10-11 on G3/

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