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emacs color scheme

From: Han Xu
Subject: emacs color scheme
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 14:11:54 -0500


When I use emacs v20 on Redhat Linux GNOME desktop. Emacs runs in GUI,
and the default setting for colors are: white background, black text, and
corresponding syntax highlights colors.

When I ssh/telnet to a Redhat Linux, and run same version emacs, it runs
in terminal/text mode, and the default settings for colors are: black
background, white text, and corresponding syntax highlights colors
(different colors with GUI mode).

I prefer the colors used in terminal/text mode, but I use GUI desktop more
than I use ssh/telnet. I am wondering if I can let Emacs use the same
colors settings in GUI mode as in default terminal/text mode ?

(I tried to put color scheme setting in .emacs file, but the problem is
that it changes both GUI mode colors and text mode colors, and it takes
sometime to load the scheme. And I didn't find the right scheme matching
the default terminal/text mode colors!)



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