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Re: emacs vs

From: Vagn Johansen
Subject: Re: emacs vs
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 20:35:18 +0100
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Jason Earl <> writes:

> Vagn Johansen <> writes:
>> That should have been "Gnus does NOT support searching in multiple
>> groups."
> For searching I use find and grep :).

Well, then all mail readers that store mail messages as text files
".. has all sorts of tools for plowing through huge piles of email" (as
you write).

> I wade through hundreds of emails a day (not counting spam).  For me
> the biggest advantages of Gnus over other email clients I have used is
> the ability to quickly skim through groups without having to touch the
> mouse.  'k' will kill useless threads, space will page through a
> message 'A n' adds a task to my planner.el files (with a link to the
> message in question).  

I have been looking for a way of creating a "task" (with reminder) based
on a gnus message, but have not found anything useful yet. I tried
nndiary, but could not get it working. 

I tried planner.el but it did not seem to be able to give a good overview
of added tasks ("A n"). I will look at it a bit further.

> Lately I have been thinking about adding in
> Remembrance agent to the mix.

I used the Remembrance Agent for a short period a few years back. I did
not have it running all the time, I just activated it to perform a search
in some of my text files. It was written in C, so it was not easy to add
support for new file types. That is probably why I gave up using it.

> I suppose if I used my inbox as a knowledge base I might be more
> interested in searching.  Even so, Gnus has some pretty compelling
> tools.

I don't consider find and grep to be Gnus tools, if that is what you mean.

All my emails are a knowledge base along with a lot of small text files I
write. I am planning to convert my text files into emacs-wiki files for
easier navigation.

Searching is important to me, that is why I am working on my own search
software to search Gnus mails and a lot of other file types: txt, html,
mp3, doc, etc.

I tried nnir.el/swish but that is very primitive. Even Outlook Express is
a lot better. (In fairness: swish *does* create an index, so it very fast).

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