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[Help-gsl] Help with setup!

From: Michael J D'Amato
Subject: [Help-gsl] Help with setup!
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:59:11 -0500 (EST)

OK, I'm so frustrated I'm about to hang myself from the tree in my front yard.  
I've been trying to set up gsl for 3 days to no avial!  I'm trying to compile 
the example bessel program in the manual and I keep getting "undefined 
reference to bessel.....".  Has anyone sucessfully setup gsl with MinGw/Msys.  
I downloaded gsl from the gnuwin32 website so I believe I don't have to build 
from source (not that I would know how if I had to).  My situation so far:
  -compiler is located here: 
  c:\MinGw (it works fine) 
  -MSYS is located here: 
  c:\MSYS (it works fine) 
  -Files to compile located here: 
  -gsl located here: 
  I have moved the gsl file everywhere in the compiler search path and used the 
-I option.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated as the noose is looking like 
the best way to solve my problems. Anyone replying please include detailed 
steps because I'm an idiot!

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