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Re: guixsd system reconfigure errors

From: Divan Santana
Subject: Re: guixsd system reconfigure errors
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2018 20:43:27 +0200

>> adding group 'tty'...
>> groupadd: GID '996' already exists
>> [...]
>> Not sure if the system got in a strange state as a result of me changing
>> my first user accounts name. Perhaps.
> Could you share a minimal operating system configuration file that
> reproduces the issue, and describe any specific steps you took that will
> reproduce it (e.g., changing your first user account's name)?  You can
> use "guix system vm" to quickly prototype a system for reproducing the
> issue (see "Invoking guix system" in the manual), and this will make it
> easier for everyone to pitch in and investigate.

OK. Cool. I'll try do that sometime and feedback.

>> guix system: unloading service 'term-auto'...
>> shepherd: Removing service 'term-auto'...
>> shepherd: Done.
>> guix system: loading new services: user-homes term-auto...
>> shepherd: Evaluating user expression (register-services (primitive-load 
>> "/gnu/st?") #).
>> shepherd: Service user-homes could not be started.
>> shepherd: Service term-auto could not be started.
>> The last two lines. Are these normal safe to ignore errors? Known bug or
>> something specific to my system?
> During reconfigure, Guix does not (currently) attempt to restart
> currently running services.  So this is normal.  When you reboot, the
> new version of the services should be used; you should reboot and verify
> that they are running to complete the reconfigure action.  If things
> don't work out, you can always select the previous version from the GRUB
> menu or run "guix system roll-back" to go back to the previous system
> generation.

Ah, ok.

> Hope that helps!

It does thanks.

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