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Anyone having troubles with GRUB full disk decryption sometimes not decr

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Anyone having troubles with GRUB full disk decryption sometimes not decrypting?
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2018 10:27:14 -0400
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It's well known that GRUB's full disk decryption stuff sometimes takes a
long time, so I'm not particularly concerned with that.

The problem I have been having though, and it seems to be with increased
frequency, is that it frequently seems to freeze before booting.

I can type in my passphrase, after about 10 seconds of waiting it will
say "Slot 0 unlocked."  Usually if things are ok, it goes to the Grub
menu screen and then it will boot from there... if I make it past the
Grub menu, everything is (mostly) fine.

Unfortunately, I have to sometimes try up to 30 times before it will
boot, because it either freezes at:
 - right after "Slot 0 unlocked"
 - right after the menu selection on the Grub menu is made, before
   booting into the OS proper.

I am guessing nobody else is having this problem since nobody else has
mentioned it, but I thought I'd ask.  I suspect it's a hardware issue (I
am also starting to experience freezes once booted as much as once a
day), though memtest86 says things are fine, and the Purism forums seem
to indicate that nobody else is having this particular issue.  (Aside
from this nontrivial issue, which my suspicion is not common on these
machines, my experience with the LibreM has been very good.)

But, before I ship my laptop in, figure I'd check...!
 - Chris

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