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Re: Other web-browser for tor

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Other web-browser for tor
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2018 20:32:10 +0200
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please always keep the mailing list in Cc.

> I have not yet configured wpa_supplicant + dhclient services to
> connect to Wifi on GuixSD on startup, cause I cannot imagine how to
> type config.scm.
> Default NetworkManager is overabundant for me. I type every time: `su
> - && ./go` where 'go' has lines to up the wifi and to connect via
> wpa_supplicant and dhclient.  And after that I type from non-root user
> `tor`.

That seems very inconvenient.

Your system’s config.scm contains a “services” field.  To add Tor as a
system service and use GNOME you only need this:

  (services (cons* (tor-service)

For XFCE replace the “gnome-desktop-service” with
“xfce-desktop-service”.  %desktop-services includes networking with
NetworkManager, which you should configure either using “nmtui” or
through the graphical user interface provided by the desktop

You don’t configure the Wifi settings in config.scm.

We provide template configuration files in the gnu/system/examples
directory of the Guix source tree.


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