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Re: Substitute authorization and binaries

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Substitute authorization and binaries
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 08:37:57 +0100


Please post questions like these to the address@hidden mailing list instead. (remove guix-devel when you reply)

On 2018-11-05 02:33, address@hidden wrote:
Hi all, I authorized guix to use the berlin server so I can install guixsd
without having to build the derivations locally. The authorization to my
knowledge was successful, but when I run guix system init and pass the
substitute-urls flag to use berlin, it is still trying to build everything locally
after downloading their source tarballs.

Please always give as much information about your environment and guix version as possible.

Reply with output of:


$which guix

$guix --version

$guix describe

and your config.scm


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