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Cuirass custom build jobs

From: Gabriel Wicki
Subject: Cuirass custom build jobs
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2023 19:33:26 +0100


I'm looking for examples on using Cuirass to build whole
operating-system-definitions, system-configurations,
home-environments and similar,
not-classical-software-package-definitions.  I think i was referred to
some examples on IRC #guix but i guess the logging failed for that
timespan -- and i failed to write the relevant details down.

Under "Specifications" the Cuirass info manual mentions (next to
`hello', `guix' and others) `custom', `images' and `manifests' -- i
guess that's what i'm looking for.  Unfortunately i cannot make up what
input these keywords need.

Thank you, kind stranger and fellow hacker for showing me relevant
use-cases that guide me to sustainable insight ;)


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