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Re: Every Reconfigure of Guix Home Results in "Connection Refused"

From: Jaft
Subject: Re: Every Reconfigure of Guix Home Results in "Connection Refused"
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2023 21:17:14 +0000 (UTC)

 Hey, David.
I'm not sure that your issue is the same of mine. Mine seemed to be a socket 
issue specifically related to Shepard (which, I suppose, makes sense as I was 
trying to start services).
Mine went away when I restarted my computer; I could've sworn I did a guix pull 
before trying to reconfigure my Guix Home but maybe I hadn't and that was 
related; I'm not sure. Either way, it hasn't reoccurred since restarting (the 
services don't seem to get updated on any second reconfigure and require me to 
restart the computer to take effect but I think that's an unrelated situation 
to the one I originally reported and probably more of an inquery question for 
me to ask).
Sorry I can't be more helpful; I hope you're able to resolve it!
Granted, I am running GuixSD and not just Guix on a foreign distro (I'm not 
sure which of those you are doing) so what we require may be different, to 
solve the same issue. I can't say that I've ever had to start Shepard, myself, 
and that'd probably be the first place I'd look, in trying to pin down what's 
wrong. I'm pretty certain both your system config.scm and your Guix Home 
configuration should take care of connecting any services you define to Shepard 
when you reconfigure them without you having to manually run anything (beyond 
the reconfigure command); that's a huge part of the benefit of Guix – just 
being able to declaratively define the config. and everything else takes care 
of getting it to work, rather than imperatively running commands yourself and, 
possibly, running something in the wrong order (or whatever, etc.) which might 
introduce unexpected behavior.    On Monday, May 29, 2023, 08:25:51 AM CDT, 
David Conner <> wrote:  
Sorry for the duplicate messages. I'm still getting Gnus configured and
getting used to everything. I didn't realize there was a difference
between a reply and a followup.

Did you ever resolve this?

I think I may be getting a similar error as you, but I'm not running
Guix Home yet.

I've attached strace logs in the issue I submitted.

I'm not sure how you would get logging for Shepherd from within Guix
Home. You could isolate things and test launching Shepherd by writing an
=init.scm= and trying to start the services manually, but to do so,
you'd have to create a Guix Profile with the binaries required for
launching Shepehrd.

I'm starting shepherd from inside .xsession and testing it with:

=shepherd -s test.sock -c test.scm -l test.log

I can usually get the =mcron= service to start. Really, I think I can
get a single service to start, but if I try to load anything more than
that, I'm getting:

#f "Attempt to suspend fiber within continuation barrier" () #f

As part of moving towards Guix Home, I created a system definition for
wayland/sway, but even there, I was getting the error. And now think
about it, I'm running the =/run/current-ssytem/profile/bin/shepherd=
binary, so maybe if I bundle this in with a user profile, it will work.

David Conner

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