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Re: Cygwin bug? Anyone got any ideas?

From: James Buchanan
Subject: Re: Cygwin bug? Anyone got any ideas?
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 18:29:15 +1100

On 28 Nov 00, at 0:09, Neal H Walfield wrote:

> > Neither do I. I have no idea about user and group id's on Win. I am
> > not sure if they exist at all. Windows is just so hard to use. Linux
> > makes sense and has good compatibility. Windows makes no sense and
> > has nill compatibility.
> Well, then why are you using it?  BTW fat has no uids/gids.
I have to do some website development in ASP. After I've done 
that, I'm ditching Windoze forever! :P

> > Alright, let me see. Can I do it with an old-ish Linux? Like RH
> > Linux 5.1 to be exact, then install the Mach/Hurd from there... I
> > wonder if, 
> Well, I am sure GNU/Linux will run better than the hurd on an old box.
Don't know. I wish I knew everything but I don't....

> > since the tar of my GNU System was made with a tar later than 
> > the one on the RH Linux 5.1, if it will work. So now I have to
> > figure 
> Why wouldn't tar work?
See above. I just don't know.
> > out what to do. I'm going off to read the files that are on the GNU
> > FTP site where the GNU System can be downloaded from. Docuemntation
> > is famous for being incomprehensible, so I hope it is sensibly
> > written in plain old normal English. I'll let you know how it goes.
> If the documentation is not satisfying, tell us and/or fix it.
For example a few months ago when I started my job I kept 
comming across "meta-key" (M-X) or whatever it is in emacs for 
commands. For example, meta-key make-directory to make a 
directory, I think, I can't remember. Anyway, I looked through the 
emacs documentation and nowhere in reference to this meta key 
did it say what it actually was. Only by asking a Linux user at work 
did I discover it was the Alt-X combination. This is one of the many 
examples. I would have to go through more hours of confusion to 
find the rest, but I came across at least 10 examples. Some of the 
docs are pitiful to say the least. They might as well not be there at 
all, since they are quite unreadable (and some are in some weird 
format that I'd never heard of, and it took me two weeks to figure 
out what program to use to view the documentation anyway, and 
piss farting around with tex or whatever it is. I had NEVER heard of 
it until then.)

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> Neal H Walfield
> University of Massachusetts at Lowell
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