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non-root cross compile?

From: lanir
Subject: non-root cross compile?
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 01:03:32 -0500
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        I'm not certain if this was brought up before or not. Basically
here's my options: I can compile over NFS using a 486 as root or I can try
and build the cross compiler as a user. Thus far the directions in the
HOWTO on the Hurddocs page seem to be working up until I get to compiling
glibc. Any recommendations? Is there a way to slap this around and get it
to work? I think I've already solved most of the header issues by giving
full paths ( configure --includedir & friends didn't seem to work for
me). Alteratively, would it work to just grab the Hurd libc0.2 deb
package, unwrap it, and stuff it in some odd directory? Sorry if these are
dumb questions. I only vaguely understand how this all works.


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