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Re: strage cthread behavior

From: Manu Valderrama
Subject: Re: strage cthread behavior
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 21:45:58 +0200
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that means that the thing I must to do is to download new version of
the Hurd (libraries and servers) from

        (cvs -z3 co hurd)

and try to compile it under running Hurd. Am I right? - Will then
my system be "libio-based" and not "stdio-based"?

Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean that. My comment was that I probed the program in both "libio-based" and "stdio-based" Hurds. If your intention is learning about cthreads, mach IPC and MIG, IMHO is not necessary that you change your Hurd. The reason that I had installed a second Hurd system in my machine is that when I managed to configure my internet connection under the Hurd, I decided to make this second install
with a by net updated system.

Another thing is that, from what I have read in this or the other Hurd-related lists, is that
an upgrade from stdio to libio is impossible. So if you consider necessary
to have a libio-based hurd you must make some new installation.

Bye !


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